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 Kasper-Key Sharing Network v2.3.1.0d (KKSN)

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MesajKonu: Kasper-Key Sharing Network v2.3.1.0d (KKSN)   Salı Mayıs 05 2009, 06:01

Kasper Key-Sharing Network (KKSN) is an application similar to the well-known Kaspersky KeyFinder (KKF) with the particularity now available databases offline, ie the list of keys is stored in our computer and just need to search within KKSN through it, this avoids the problem presented KKF when you search online servers, which are now must find Database (. KKL) with Keys were to expire today if those in the 7 Databases provided, further that all keys can expire much later, because if the amount of keys these databases will have an approximately 4 mil Keys available between versions of KAV and KIS 6,7 and 8.

Ultimately a very viable solution to the problems of keys blacklisted by Kaspersky. Another alternative is to visit this site and get licenses, which, of course, daily updates, Kaspersky blocked the site for obvious reasons.

* Functional Keys for Kaspersky Antivirus (KAV) 6.7 and 8
* Functional Keys for Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 6.7 and 8
* Database Offline
* Compatibility with Windows Vista
* Requires. NET Framework 3.0

Recent changes:
v2.3.1 Fixed the problem that was presented in V2.3.0 or when non-admin Vista user starts the application.

* Hide the Key Number from the view in the list, to avoid having it blacklisted by just the list view.
* Create level tiers for the KKL Creator (Will explain that further in the future)
* Allow the user the ability to download more than the amount limited by using methods that will be explained later.
* Fixed few other minor issues..

Download :

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Kasper-Key Sharing Network v2.3.1.0d (KKSN)
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